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tehnology Introduced The Alpha Version Of Atomic Swap Wallet

Developers of the decentralized cryotocurrency platform Altcoin Exchange presented an alpha version of Atomic Swap Wallet. The video attached to the tweet briefly describes the process of performing atomic transactions (swaps) ...


Bitcoin Core Developers Are Considering The Possibility To Increase Bitcoin Block Limit

The head of Blockstream, Adam Back, in a discussion with the Bitmain co-founder , Jihan Wu, confirmed that in the mid-term, Bitcoin Core developers are considering the possibility to increase block size ...


There Is A New Vulnerability In Ethereum Wallet Parity

Users' funds on Parity multi-signature wallets has blocked as a result of activation of a critical vulnerability in a smart contract. This is reported in the official blog of Parity Technologies. ...


What Is A Token?

The term "tokens" is widely used in various areas, but in the field of finance it used to refer to the so-called "money substitute". What is a tokens and their ...

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Bitcoin’s Hardfork Bitcoin Gold Has Released

The planned Bitcoin Gold hardfork has released just before the deadline. A snapshot of the bitcoin, as confirmed by the developers of project, made on block 491,407. Snapshot time! — Bitcoin ...

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The Blacklist Of Web-Sites Which Support SegWit2x Published

On the popular information portal about bitcoin, the announced early "black list" of sites, which continue to support the likely hardfork SegWit2x, has been published. According to the SegWit2x developers, the ...

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The First Atomic Transaction Between Bitcoin And Ethereum Has Completed

Decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform Altcoin Exchange announced that the first atomic swap between Bitcoin and Ethereum has completed. Altcoin Exchange exchanged 0.12345 ETH for BTC. We have completed the very first ...

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Blockchain-consortium R3 launches Corda v.1.0

 Blockchain-consortium R3 has released the final version of the Corda platform (v.1.0). BIG PRESS RELEASE: R3 launches version 1.0 of #Corda distributed ledger platform #buildwithconfidence #Cordav1.0 — R3 (@inside_r3) ...

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