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Launch Of Bitcoin Futures And The Possible Implications For The industry

The launch of bitcoin futures will provide institutional investors with the necessary mechanisms and tools to operate the cryptocurrency market, making the investment legal and secure. At the same time, a ...

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Bitcoin Cash Developers Intend To Increase The Block Size

Bitcoin Cash developers published a roadmap of the project, according to which they intended to increase the block again. This will require two new hardforks in May and November 2018. We ...

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Bitcoin Prediction By “Time-Traveler From The Future” On Reddit Begin To Come Reality?

Today, on November 28, the first cryptocurrency starts week with new all-time high. Bitcoin price overcame the level of $ 10,000. In connection with this landmark event, the Bit.News recalled the ...

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Report: About 4 Million Bitcoins Might Be Permanently Lost

To date, up to 3.79 million bitcoins migtht be irretrievably lost. This has indicated by the results of the analytics company Chainalysis research, specialized in the cryptocurrency market. If we believe this ...

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Bitcoin Gold Users Lost More Than $ 2.5 Million And Accused The Project Of Fraud

In the night from 13 to 14 November, more than 3200 users wallets have been delited by hackers as a result of the vulnerability of the only BTG-wallet Mybtgwallet. According to preliminary estimates, the ...

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Bitcoin Gold Community Explained The Reasons For The Closure Of Mining Pools

On Wednesday, November 15, MinerTopia and BTG Mine mining pools announced their closure due to significant losses. The representatives of BTGPOOL.PRO told about  contingencies, reasons for the withdrawal of players from ...

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Tone Vays: I expect the bitcoin crash to $ 5000

A well-known trader and analyst  in the cryptocommunity, Tone Vays, revised his bitcoin price short-term forecast, taking into consideration the "damaging" factor associated with the approaching hardfork SegWit2x. According to him, ...

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Quartz Showed Xapo Secret Bitcoin Repository In Mountains Of Switzerland

Quartz correspondents visited the secret repository of bitcoin-company Xapo in the Swiss mountains and showed what the storage looks like. The Xapo storage is a decommissioned military bunker, dug in a ...

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