All What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Hardfork Litecoin Cash

On 18 February, at the block 1371111, will happen hardfork of the blockchain Litecoin called Litecoin Cash. The new chain has already criticized by the creator of "digital silver" Charlie Lee. He stressed about the ...

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Tim Draper: Bitcoin Is The Future World Currency

A well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper says that the world needs a new currency, and bitcoin is the ideal candidate.  Tim Draper a few years ago began to actively invest in ...

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The Largest Price Drops In The History Of Bitcoin

Recently, it is very easy to draw wrong conclusions, watching the bitcoin price movement.  At that moment, bitcoin haters is getting the arena, which do not adopt it as currency. So, negative forecasts are added ...

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Jamie Dimon Apologized That Said Bad Things About Bitcoin

The head of the American financial holding JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, apologized that he called bitcoin "fraud worse than tulip mania".  "I'm sorry to give such comments," said Dimon. Also, the ...

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Chinese Miners Began To Leave The Country Owing To The Pressure From The Authorities

Bitmain, the largest Chinese manufacturer of mining hardware, began shifting its facilities outside the country. According to Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu, the company has already opened a the main office in Singapore, ...

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Launch Of Bitcoin Futures And The Possible Implications For The industry

The launch of bitcoin futures will provide institutional investors with the necessary mechanisms and tools to operate the cryptocurrency market, making the investment legal and secure. At the same time, a ...

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Bitcoin Cash Developers Intend To Increase The Block Size

Bitcoin Cash developers published a roadmap of the project, according to which they intended to increase the block again. This will require two new hardforks in May and November 2018. We ...

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Bitcoin Prediction By “Time-Traveler From The Future” On Reddit Begin To Come Reality?

Today, on November 28, the first cryptocurrency starts week with new all-time high. Bitcoin price overcame the level of $ 10,000. In connection with this landmark event, the Bit.News recalled the ...

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