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Ten New Cryptocurrency Exchanges Launch in Japan

As Japan becomes more friendly to bitcoin and other virtual currencies, at least ten new cryptocurrency exchanges will soon launch in the country, according to Nikkei. As you know, Japan adobted ...

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Bitcoin Foundation applied to the court to seek cancellation of BitLicense

One of the oldest members of the Bitcoin Foundation, company Theo Chino, decides to challenge the licensing procedure for cryptocurrency companies, located in New York.  In a statement Chino sent to ...

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Bitmain Tech Launches A New Mining Pool Connect BTC

Bitmain Tech has launched a mining pool called "Connect BTC", located in Israel.  This is the first venture for mining Bitcoins, which has opened by the company in the middle ...

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ViaBTC Opens The Bitcoin Exchange, Thanks To Involved In The Investment Round Of $ 200 000

One of the largest Bitcoin mining pools, ViaBTC, announced a launch of Bitcoin exchange. The exchange CNY is located in China therefore will not provide the margin or the futures. At ...

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