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Bitcoin Is Above $1000 Again

After falling to the lowest level in the last two months, Bitcoin's price again broke through $ 1 000. The digital currency grew by more than 20%, rising from a ...

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Bitcoin Price After SEC Decision And Expert’s Opinion About

Before SEC ruling became public knowledge bitcoin surprised us once again by reaching a new all time high and we could all see that mysterious Friday Long. Truth be told ...

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis

Bitcoin price has formed lower highs, creating a symmetrical triangle illustrated on the chart. The chart shows the proportion of long margin positions for short margin positions, also. We can ...

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Bitcoin Rate Moved Up Against The Background Of China’s news

On Wednesday, March 1, the first cryptocurrency after several days of silence went up again, reaching last week's levels.  Thus, the all-time high was updated again on Bitfinex ($ 1227) ...

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